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:iconasmita-sama:2 chibis & 1 halfbody Not Started:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
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Why I haven't Been On Lately

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 5:32 AM
As you may have noticed I have not been active in DeviantArt at all. This has been due to my busy College schedule, Art club activities, and work.

I have been slowly working on the Art Trades I have, and on Commissions. If I owe you something even if I bought something but have not paid for it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I am hoping that by one week of no school due to Thanksgiving, I will be able to upload everything.

Also the Neon Goddess Staff is still looking for Artists and video editors that would like to for part of the Sailor Moon Neon Goddess Anime Project.

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Design Leika

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:30 PM

So currently I am working on about 4 art trades. Trying to work on then all this week since I will be returning to College next week. That means after that I would only be able to work on anything during the weekends. 
Moving on, as you all may know I have two Ocs one named Empress Terra and the other is her fiery lioness companion Leika. Leika is the last of an ancient living intellegent breed of Elemental Felines that lived long. 

I have not been able to draw her and that saddens me. That's why I am looking for someone that would be willing to give it a try at drawing/Designing what Leika looks like. 

Leika Description:

Leika is a lion, her body even her mane are made completely of fire. She is bigger than Aslan (the lion from Narnia). If you can't picture how big she is, then let me put it this way. Leika can pass a 6ft man. 

Leika has bright golden eyes with a hint of red to them.  
On forehead she wears something like the front of this tiara…

Around her tail she has a bracelet with the emblem of the Earth on it. 

I can pay between $15 - $25 and I will pay once the art is finished. Sorry, its happened that I pay for art and in the end the artist never did my commission and kept the money. 

If interested,  please comment or pm. If there are more than one people interested, I will request a sketch from then and then pick the artists.

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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:17 PM
About me:



It has been three years since I joined DeviantART. I can't believe that it has been that long. When I first joined in it was not art that I posted up but mainly the posters I made trying to promote an RPG that later turned into an awesome Audio Drama. NG October Group Banner by EmpressTerra

This was one of the first posters I ever made. Since then many of the characters designs have changed. And so did my posters. Only One by EmpressTerra But later on besides making posters, I decided to draw more, and back then I did not own a Bamboo Tablet nor did I know about Pain Tool SAI.Sailor Neon Earth Septor by EmpressTerra And my drawings were all drawn in paper with a simple pencil. Later on it was scanned and colored as well as I could with what I had. Addedin effects and much more. Sailor Neon Earth Sep Updated by EmpressTerraI was such a newbie at so many things when it came to art. I was very afraid to upload anything that I drew, because I knew I was not the best. Little by little I uploaded more. From OCs to chibis. Small Starlight WIP by EmpressTerraChibi Me and Sister by EmpressTerraMy first chbis, (myself and my sister) all drawn in paper and then colored in Photoshop.

I began to gain better at drawing and decided to enter a Secret Santa. I remember being very afraid. Still I gave it a try and when the time came I presented the gift to my Secret Santa Person. Etaine As a Teen by EmpressTerraDanu and Gaea by EmpressTerra Yup drawn by hand and colored in Photoshop. I seriously need to redo this!!!

But as the years went by and I drew more,my style at drawing chibis improved. I went from Chii Ken from VIXX by EmpressTerra and Chibi Hong Bin from VIXX by EmpressTerra to Chibi Ice Queen by EmpressTerraChibi Sailor Saturn by EmpressTerraCommission: Chibi Hiro and Martin by EmpressTerraSeraphine and Bex by EmpressTerra

and Shota Mermaid ADOPTABLE AUCTION (Open) by EmpressTerraI can see how much I have grow when it comes to drawing chibis. I'm proud!!! But I can say I have improvedmuch after I got my Bamboo Wacom Tablet. The last two chibis an my newest art has been drawn using it.

I even started doing more art trades. Art Trade SailorSunPhoenix by EmpressTerraSecret Santa for KaraEto by EmpressTerraHuman Thash Bust (Art Trade) by EmpressTerraHuman Keira Bust (Art Trade) by EmpressTerraYes, you can say that I have grown in the past three years as a member of DeviantART. I am glad I made the decision to join and become part of this community.

People have asked me why I don't delete my first drawings. I don't delete them because they keep reminding me of how I start it and push me to keep going. And once in a while make me laugh at myself and cherish memories of how those very first drawing came to be.


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Astra by EmpressTerra
This is my OC Astra. I made this in IMVU to help me with the idea of what she would look like.
She is a shy 27 year old young woman, born in the ages of the Asgardian Gods. When humanity bowed down to them. She has been sheltered all her life by her father. She was taught at home and hardly allowed to leave home. As she got older and explored her home she found ways to leave the house without being caught. She began to live during the night like a normal young woman her age.

Astra was returning home, when she was attacked by a masked man. That stranger had stolen the Tesseract from Asgard and now sealed it inside her body. Because of that she began to show strange abilities. Her own people kicked her out of the town. In her fight to stay alive she was found by Odin. But because of how long the Tesseract had been inside her, she had become a living version of it.

Odin sealed her inside the deepest cave he could find on Earth. And there she was left...until Iron Man found her. Soon S.H.I.E.L.D. got hold of her and began running tests on her. She kept repeating that all she wanted was to be allowed to live in peace.

However, she wasnot allowed to roam free. That is until Loki shows up.



Hand Made Pillows
Pillows by EmpressTerra
Gackt Mini Pillow by EmpressTerra
My sister and I are making mini pillows! These are just some examples of some that we have started! There is the pink Totoro & VIXX! (The BTS one my sister is keeping because it is not flipped, but unless someone really wants it she'll sell it! :D) We are still making more of B.A.P, SISTAR, BTS, VIXX, DBSK, 2NE1, and more! You can ask for anything actually! :D Prices range from $3-6 or more, without shipping. (Depends on how big you want the pillow + shipping) You can also choose the color of the pillow back! :D Some come one and come all!

*If paying by paypal, please select the "NO SHIPPING REQUIRED" option.
*Every payment via paypal must be set as “personal payment” or “send as donate,gift” so i can get the full amount.
PayPal Commissions Only
Money Commission by EmpressTerra
This is only for those who wish to pay through PayPal rather than using the DA system. Make sure to click on the picture for further information. Don't pay attention to the 10:points: at the bottom. It is only so that I could post this. Just clock on the image and there you go.
Chibi Commissions
Commission: Chibi Hiro and Martin by EmpressTerra
Chibi Me New DA ID by EmpressTerra
Chibi Ulquiorra Prize by EmpressTerra
Chibi Ice Queen by EmpressTerra
Chibi Sailor Scorpion Prize by EmpressTerra
Chibi Me and Sister by EmpressTerra
My style for chibis has changed a little, but the examples are the many different ways I can make chibis. If you would like a chibi commission please let me know in what style from the examples you would like it in.
Half Body Commission
Request Sailor Aquarius by EmpressTerra
Request Claire Fitzgerald by EmpressTerra
Commission: Sailor Earth Royal Gown by EmpressTerra
Well, I really need the points/money right now. That is why I am willing to do half-Body Commissions. Depending on the design the price might change. Note me for any questions.

I Will Do
Males (I'm still not very good at them but I can try.)

I don't Do
Nudity (For now since I am not very good at this)
Anthros (Haven't been able to do them)
Yaoi (I like it but I suck at drawings couples)
Line-Art Bust Commissions
Darcy Line Art by EmpressTerra
Line-art commission will be similar to this.  I will require references to the character. Also, if you want your line-art to be very detailed the price of the commission could go up. (Note me if you would like it to be detailed so that I can answer any questions.)
Color Bust Commissions
Human Keira Bust (Art Trade) by EmpressTerra
Human Thash Bust (Art Trade) by EmpressTerra
Arasu Art Gift by EmpressTerra
Color Bust Commissions are now open! If you want a more detailed work the price might go higher. But as said it depends on hos DETAILED you want it. For any questions, note me.
Bottle Cap Cell Phone Charms
SHINee Bottle Cap Phone Charms by EmpressTerra
SISTAR Bottle Cap Cell Phone Charms by EmpressTerra
Anime Cell Phone Charms by EmpressTerra
Currently my sister and I have begun making Bottle cap Cell Phone Charms.  There are just examples of some we have made.  The prices will bary depending on the order. But mainly for one charm it will be 50:points: for more than that the price will change.

{SHINee Phone Straps (Hello Era)} $0.50 cents each or $3.50 for all 5. Each cap comes with a different color on the back and different color strap(s). We ship everywhere! (U.S. Free shipping, international only $0.50 flat rate!) You can also make your own bottle cap with whatever band, cap color/print, and color strap! OuO

{SISTAR Phone Charms (Loving U Era)} $0.50 cents each or $4.50 for all! Each cap comes with it’s own unique color and color strap! You can put in orders too! U.S Free Shipping, International $0.50 cents, flat rate!

Literature Commissions
Writing Categories and Point Cost
Romance, Drama, Adventure, Sci-fi, Horror, fantasy, Suspense.

Fanfiction (Up to 4 pages)
Rated PG
Rated PG
Rated R
Rated NC

Short Story ( 2 Pages)
Rated PG
Rated PG
Rated R
Rated NC 17

If you are interested Comment here or Note me. Yes I am willing to write Hentai and Yaoi (Although still a tad new a Yaoi). What I am not willing to write is Anthro, simply because I am not used to writing about them.  Also I can write in Spanish but that would cost  5 Points extra.


EmpressTerra has started a donation pool!
439 / 8,000
For every donation I will upload a new work. Also doing Literature Commissions for Points Current Balance 348:points:. :iconmybodyisreadyplz:
OC Love Stamp by rynokia Writer is an Artist by phoenixtsukinoSnape Love Stamp by TandenfeeSeverus is alive by AmelieRosensnape fan stamp - lycanlauren by snapefanclubStamp- Fuck off from Severus by AmelieRosenSeverus Snape by Cathines-StampsSnape DH Pt 2 Stamp by kittykat01Severus Snape Stamp by L3xil3inSnape's Demise (stamp) by kittykat01Snapeist Stamp by RainaAstaldoI will... Severus Snape Stamp by OdogooAlan Rickman is excited. by skinnyveestampSeverus Snape Stamp by L3xil3inDW Ten + Donna + Drinks Stamp by TwilightProwlerDoctor Who Stamp by LunaticStar:thumb282018149:Doctor and Donna by BlueRavenAngelGuinea Pig Love stamp by Animal-StampOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather Anti Chibiusa stamp by Kaze-yo:thumb316747582::thumb110741187:Sebastian Stamp by Jessie04104Black Butler 6 by 1121994snape stamp by laur-starSnape and Ron Stamp by L3xil3inSeverus Snape Stamp by L3xil3inSeverus Snape Stamp by L3xil3inSnape's Demise (stamp) by kittykat01

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I am a big anime and manga fan; specially Sailor Moon. My favorite books are way too many to remember. I love SEVERUS SNAPE. Sailor Neon Earth La Emoticon by PrettySoldierPetite

I am into supernatural things, love vampires, but somehow I hate Twilight. Come on people, vampires do not sparkle nor would they go for someone like Bella. Seriously, she's in love with one but tells the other to kiss her?! WTF.

Current Residence: Planet earth
Favorite genre of music: techno, Trance, J-Pop-, J-Rock
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